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1. Digital photography starts with knowing how to operate and care for the camera...
• What do all those buttons do?
• How do I handle the camera?

--> Handout

--> How to use the Sony Movica digital camera

2. Using the digital camera...
• How do I take a picture?
• How do I see my picture?
(Power #1 of digital photography)
• How can I improve the quality of my photographs?

--> Handouts

--> Kodak Digital Learning Center

--> Kodak: Guide to Better Pictures

Have a Strong Center of Interest

Watch the Background
Move in Close
Use the Best Camera Angle

--> Flash Settings...

Auto - The camera decides if the flash is needed or not
Keep the camera in the mode

Always On - The flash always fires
Shortens battery life
Eliminates silhouettes in photos with backlighting

Always Off - The flash never fires
Use in situations where the flash might be distracting or not permitted

Flash Strength Choices

3. Using the digital photographs...
• How do I get the photos into my computer?
(Power #2 of digital photography)
• How do I print my photos?
• How do I share my photos with other people?
(Power #3 of digital photography)
• How do I edit/touchup my photos?
(Power #4 of digital photography)

--> Rob's Handout on Digital Imaging

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